Resources you can rely on

Resources you can rely on

The following links will give you up-to-date information about COVID-19

Department of Health

Managing mild COVID-19 at home with assistance from your GP

Prime Minister of Australia Media Centre

Social distancing

COVID-19 Resources & Fact Sheets

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I’ve been in contact with someone who has COVID-19 – what should I do?

The risks of contracting COVID-19 depend on the type of contact you have had, how long you were with them, and what you need to do next.

Please refer to the risk chart below for the latest information about the type of contact and what you are required to do.

High and Low Risk Exposure

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Can I be tested for COVID-19 without seeing a GP?

Yes, you can.

There are various testing sites on the Central Coast and you do not need a referral to get a PCR test.  Alternatively you can do a home test with a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT).  Stocks are currently quite low on these tests at the moment but will be easier to source by the end of January 2022.

The Department of Health is working on a program so you can self-report positive RAT self-tests by using the Service NSW app.  This should be in place by mid January 2022.

Follow the Department of Health guidelines for a positive RAT self-test.


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Just got tested for COVID-19?

Have you just been tested for COVID-19 and are unsure about what you need to do now?

Do you know how to get your test results or what to do if you have a negative COVID-19 test but still feel unwell?

Scan the QR code below for information

or click here to read the latest information from the Department of Health NSW.

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Appointment bookings – the new way to book

To ensure everyone’s safety and so that everyone remains at home as much as possible, we have decided that the safest way to do this is for your usual GP to call you about your health concerns where-ever possible. Face to face appointments can be made with your usual GP, but there may be times where we will need to confirm this with your usual GP first as we are limiting the number of patients who are in the clinic at any one time (with the exception of COVID vaccination clinics).

Many of your concerns can be addressed in a phone call without the need for you to leave your home.

If you need to see your GP, please book a Telehealth appointment on 4333 1222 – they will place you on your GP’s list for a phone call.

How Telehealth works:

  • Eligibility
    • You need to have been into your usual practice to see your usual GP in the last 12 months
      • For example:  If you have only been to The Entrance practice then The Entrance practice is your ‘usual practice’ and you are not eligible for a Telehealth appointment with a GP at the Toukley practice
  • Exceptions
    • Anyone with a positive COVID-19 test is exempt from the eligibility criteria above
  • New patients
    • New patients are not eligible for Telehealth consultations
  • When will the GP call?
    • Unfortunately we can’t guarantee an exact time.  If you need a particular time because of work commitments, please let reception know at the time of booking so we can advise the GP accordingly.
  • If you missed a call from the GP
    • Please call reception on 4333 1222 – they will alert the GP (depending on the time of day), or they will reschedule for the next available appointment
  • Scripts
    • Your GP can send you an escript on your mobile, or you can arrange to collect the script from the practice

Please do not come into the practice unless you have an appointment.

Please do not come into the practice if you have respiratory problems or flu like symptoms.

Please remember that social distancing also means you should not be bringing extra family members or friends with you to your appointment unless absolutely necessary. If possible, have them wait in the car or outside until the appointment is over.

Do not arrive too early for your appointment as we are trying to limit the number of people in our waiting room. Please wait in your car, or in an open space before entering the clinic.

It is a requirement of entry that all patients must wear a mask.  Please ensure your mask is covering your nose.

Tips on GP phone calls

  • If you have a mobile phone – please make sure you have your phone on and with you on the day of your phone call
  • If you have a landline – please make sure you are home on the day of the phone call
  • Protect your privacy. The GP will ask you personal information to ensure they are speaking to the correct person, so try to make sure no-one else can overhear your conversation – don’t be in the supermarket or at the shops or on speaker.

If the GP needs to see you, he may convert the telephone call to a video call.  This will be explained to you by you GP and they will guide you through how to do this.

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How do I get my script after a phone/video consult with my GP?

Your GP will send an escript to your mobile phone (where possible).  Alternatively scripts can be picked up from our practice.

If you are in a high risk group, or unable to attend your Pharmacy, we can send your escript to the Pharmacy for them to dispense.

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Fact Sheet for Older Australians

Older people (60+ years of age, or 50+ for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples) are more susceptible to getting sick with COVID-19 (coronavirus).

This fact sheet outlines the facts and measures that you, your family and your friends can take to protect older Australians.

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